Step into your fairytale with me 

A piece of magic, captured in a photo

Telling a story with photography, telling your story. That’s what I do. If you’re reading this, you’re probably different from the norm. You feel different, but you may find it exciting to express that. Let me help you tell your story, in pictures, without limitations.

It can be very exciting to show yourself to the essence of who you are, including the world that is all yours. I understand that very well! But just by doing this and trusting me to capture it, you will experience freedom and self-confidence. That greatness that is in you, it may be there! And you can show it. Together we will make you a piece of art that you can look back on with pride and self-love.

I arrange everything for you: the styling, unique locations, a professional team for hair and makeup, guidance and coaching in posing. The whole picture will be right! All you have to do is be yourself and enjoy the process. I will give advice in what I think fits your story, but of course you have a say in everything.

Are you ready for this confidence boost?
Let me help you!

Fantasy Experience - Desifaeri

Come on a journey with me;
In a world that is all yours.
Where you are in charge.

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Portfolio – On location

Portfolio – In the studio

Marije Dijkema - Studio byMarije

My name is
Marije Dijkema

Making fairytale portraits and thereby entering a different world, that is what I love to do most. Armed with my camera and in combination with the program Photoshop I can realize anything I can think of with my imagination. I believe that everyone deserves to be portrayed at their best, and whether that is in your own dream world, or while practicing your dream job, that is up to you. Want to get started with me? Let me know!